from gina


my letter to those listening to the voices of the universe,

i offer my voice to the fire.

Gina Holsopple
Gina in makeup for summer theatre in Goshen, IN.

Photo by Brian Weaver. All rights reserved.

what i believe most is that each of us has the power to change the world. i believe the most powerful tool anyone has is their ability to passionately live what they believe. and to always do what they love. this is why i sing.

i've decided to offer you a poem. the cheesiest way to offer my personal mission statement. and probably the most honest. enjoy the music. enjoy the stories. thank you for listening!

mission #23 (to be read with laughter in all seriousness, with chocolate cake and incense)
i want to be open to change. open.
i want to never be too dependent on time.
i want to always be making music.
i want to be willing to step outside lines.
i believe that every living thing is sacred.
(and living doesn't necessarily mean breathing)
i believe that passion is essential.
(and passion isn't intertwined with needing)
i believe that violence is never the best answer
(and violence isn't always physical)
i believe what my dreams are trying to say.
i think in moons and circles and blood
i drink in eyes and hands and love
i want to be willing to say what i think
i think there is immense power in a wink
i don't think bigger always means better.
(i like to think that my size is just fine)
i don't think older always means wiser.
(but it might do us some good to learn from past time)
i think that the best thing to say is something honest
and that may not always be what makes the most sense
i listen to the voices that sit in my gut
and i've learned how to work myself out of a rut
i'll add my voice to the worldsong without reservation
and i'll sing out my passion without hesitation.

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