Gina Holsopple is a young singer-songwriter based in Central New York. Over the past six years Gina has produced five CDs, Wandering, Mystified, Long Night in a Movie Theatre, gina holsopple, Rain Princess, and has just released her fifth album, Drop of Water. She performed at Harborfest 2004, the 2003 SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, and was a featured performer in the New Artists' Showcase at the 2000 National Women's Music. Though she performs primarily in Central New York and the surrounding areas, Gina has also toured extensively, finishing a three-month national tour during the summer of 2002, taking her from New York to Seattle and back.

Gina Holsopple
Gina Holsopple
Photo by Rebecca Peifer. All rights reserved.

Growing up in many places, from Ohio to Kansas, music has always been a part of Gina's life. She began singing with her family at age three, completed 11 years of piano lessons and learned guitar through long evenings of music-making with her family and friends. Voice and guitar are her main performance instruments but she can play a myriad of instruments including: piano, bass, mandolin, violin, and mountain dulcimer.

Gina Holsopple graduated from Goshen College in Goshen, Indiana, with an inter-disciplinary degree in music, women's studies and anthropology. She spent her years in Indiana highly involved in campus activist organizations. Her deep passion for issues of social justice seeps into the words and music she writes.

Adding to the depth of Gina's music is her extensive travel experience. She has spent time in Mozambique, Brazil, England, and three months in Central Java, Indonesia, studying traditional Javanese music and culture.

When she is not immersed in music and travel, Gina spends time camping, writing, gardening and dreaming about a future she affectionately calls Project X.

Gina Holsopple entertains using both her down-home style and her "refreshing young angst," as one fan so aptly phrased it. Her lyrics have been highly commended by both reviewers and fans. As an accomplished musician, songwriter and performer her music has been described as "captivating," "inspiring," and "ethereal with a sense of longing." So listen closely. Gina's lyrical, acoustic musical style is nothing less than enchanting.

"…Holsopple gives us acoustic guitar, lyrics that encompass the personal and social activism, and a sweet voice whose self-harmonies are smooth and warm." ~ Alicia Wallace; On Tap; Washington , DC

"...listening to the words of her songs, it's easy to notice the clever (and well-executed) rhyming schemes…" ~ Les Reynolds, Indie-Music.com

"Gina's easy-on-the-ears voice, and harmonies…make you feel like ordering a double Americano and lighting up a smoke…" ~ M. Alden, Girl Player

"Gina's voice is pure joy, sometimes low and husky, other times soaring to high notes as though the sky were the limit…" ~ Linda Hood, New York City